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Nehru place is very well connected with controlling from Connaught Place from Noida from Gurgaon from Palam Dwarka Nehru Place metro is all the best metro connections presently easily accessible from the main road connected with the burger Place metro has it all Aero Place metro also provide feeder buses Nehru Place metro saree easily accessible without any problem as they are on the main road of syllabus at all the corner of the Traveling from Nehru Place metro to Noida I just 20 minutes travelling to Nehru Place metro to Connaught Place is just 30 minutes very convenient want to go to Gurgaon Nehru Place metro the best at it connect from the Hauz Khas Metro so one should opt for Nehru Place metro there the one the best that’s were people open the office in Nehru Place is ideal place for office space as we perform various direction can come and work at a convenient Place Nehru Place metro was conferred to the computers traveling to the offices via Metro to save on time and reach on time there Place metro has all whenever you are next them into Nehru Place you should use Nehru Place.

You are looking for office space or coconut shop in Nehru Place you can call us at +91 – 8376 991 956
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